Sump Pumps

Help for buying a sump pump

A sump pump is basically a pump used to remove water from a sump basin or a place where water has accumulated. Sump pumps are becoming very useful nowadays, due to the fact that our climate is changing rapidly and weather has become very unpredictable with sudden storms, raining and flash floods.

So, in these cases of flooding and unwanted accumulation of water in your property having a sump pump will prove itself to be very handy. Also, sump pumps are used in households with a basement, as in the basement, a sudden rupture of transportation pipes for water accumulates water in your basement. Even sump pumps are used to remove the problem of dampness of the foundation of your home where it is located below the water table level. So, buying a sump pump is a good investment for the safety of your property. Before you buy yourself one, please follow this guide to buy the best sump pump from the lot.

All the sum pumps available in the market can be divided into two main types, pedestal and submersible. The pedestal pump is basically run by a motor mounted above the sump. The impeller or blades of the fan is driven mainly by a long shaft at vertical position. Whereas, in the submersible pump, the motor is mounted inside sump and sealed completely to avoid any kinds accidents associated with short circuit of electricity. Now, among these two varieties of pumps, the pedestal pumps have proved to be the longer lasting if they are installed properly and maintained at regular intervals. The submersible pumps are costlier than the former one with a short range of lifetime.

Below, some points are summarised to make you aware of the things to look for in a sump pump before you buy one

  • Mode of operation – Based on the mode of operation, sump pumps can be classified into two types, automatic and manual. Buying an automatic sump pump means that your sump pump houses a sensor that enables it to judge the water level and thus it can switch itself on or off depending on the water level. Whereas with a manual water pump, you have to switch it off and on yourself as per your requirement.
  • Sensor type – Generally, two types of sensor switches are available in an automatic sump pump, pressure switch and float switch. A pressure sensor switch generally stays enclosed inside the pump body, making it safer from external damages, though these kinds of sensor switches cannot be set manually to a new value. Float switches stays in touch with the water level and is prone to external damage, though it can be adjusted as per your requirement. Power – The power of sump pumps available in the market varies between quarters of a horsepower to multiple horsepower.
  • Pressure head – Basically, the more the pressure your sump pump can generate the more will be the height that your pump can move water to.

Now, you are well aware of the main features to look for in a sump pump while buying one. So, check the features provided by a manufacturer and buy the one that suits your requirements well.

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